Sunday, September 4, 2016

Grace & the birthday boy (pic heavy)

I've been riding Grace in the paddock, almost rode in the field this evening but, she was fidgety which isn't her norm. She can be girthy & cranky but, never fidgety, decided to stick with the paddock. Her donkey, goat & chicken neighbors have moved, I'm sure that plays a part in it. The new people I understand have or are getting goats. Fingers crossed. 
I'm working on remembering to keep my hands more level with her headset. My rememberer isn't real reliable just yet though. I'm also working on keeping my legs off until I'm asking for something. Unlike Ms. Drafy Hafy, Grace is very sensitive to any leg, another thing I'm noticing is if I keep my hands wide apart, she's as slow as you can get.  Close together and she speeds up, I'm beginning to learn her nuances now, hopefully we'll get each other all figured out and partner up. 

Hubs did some work on he barn roof where we had a little storm damage last week...
Supervisor stood nearby ready to help. His climbing on the roof was a non issue to her. 

I'd been dumping the wheelbarrow behind her field and turned to see her enjoying a good roll...

She laid there munching before rising.  Hoping this means she's not to upset by her neighbors move. 

Someone is turning 3 this week on the 7th. Yesterday was the big birthday party...
His Godmother made this fantastic cake with his fave Sonic characters. Taste as good as it looks too. 

We got him a tire swing, the box was so big he was crawling all over the top of it as he unwrapped. 

His very own GMC Danali, he and a few of his buddies cruised the driveway a bit. Under direct supervision of course lol
Eleven small children without any incidents. Doesn't hurt that they've got so much to keep them all busy, enormous playground set with three slides, a bounce house, playroom, Lincoln's bedroom of dinosaurs was a little boy magnet. Anytime a child came up MIA, that's where they'd be found. 
Seems like just yesterday he was newborn. Time really does fly when you're having fun. He's a child you can't help but have fun with. 


  1. It sounds like a great day. Grace's paddock is very nice indeed. She looks happy enough in it. Maybe you could get her a mini for company. :)

    I think that Carmen needs the hands close together because otherwise she has the room to do what she wants - which is go away. Close together and I can keep her neck straight which also helps.

    1. We've contemplated/are contemplating a mini but...we don't have the barn space, Grace is rather food aggressive (her cats even steer clear) and, what happens to poor mini when Grace trailers out? So, I might need two?