Monday, September 5, 2016

Not so good...

SIGH, we've been having some decent rides, tonight started out really good. Grace wasn't cinchy at all!  I've been taking my time only brushing the areas necessary to saddle. I brushed a shoulder, up a notch, other shoulder, another notch, see where I'm going?  This has become our routine and tonight she seemed to get it. She's been taking the bit better, meaning she's not going total giraffe on me lol. She felt so good, I only longed her at a walk before mounting. She's also been really good at standing to mount and not walking off as soon as I've mounted. 
All was going great till I noticed the saddle slipping, I adjusted it putting weight in the opposite stirrup as usual. Something must've pinched, Grace tried hard not to wig out, but she really wanted to. Every time I attempted to dismount she'd start jigging sideways, I'd calm her and try again. I think it took five times before I was able to. Poor girl, while we didn't end on a good note, sure could've been so much worse!
I'm thinking my saddle isn't working well for her. It's design is for a lower whithered horses. I'd hoped once Grace gained weight it might work for us. Don't think it's going to happen I have another treeless that may I hope do the trick. At least for now. 
I wrote this post Monday night, but for some reason saved it as a draft rather than posting it. Soooo, here it is now. 

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