Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ulcer meds...

Grace ulcer treatment meds arrived today. Started them with her lunch, some confusion on whether to give with/before or after meal?  Since she's out 24/7, (except bad weather) doesn't really matter I think
She'll get two sachets of AbPrazole Plus for 28 days, then one sachet for two weeks. It's not an American brand but, a fellow blogger, one of trainers barn girls & lots of Internet talk gave it a thumbs up. Certainly can't afford the 30ish $ a day of the American patented version for 30 days!  She'll have been on the loading dose of Finish Lines U-7 supplement this coming weekend and will drop to maintenance. I will be changing the supplement to SmartGut as soon as I run out. The liquid U-7 isn't as doable come winter and I've heard the powder version isn't one most horses like. 
I'm sure hoping it does the trick for her, she was a very cranky monkey earlier today.  I'm guessing yesterday's stress irritated her gut. If it is truly ulcers we should hopefully see a distinct difference overall. If it's not, sadly she and I quite probably won't work. She's so awesome on the ground, but I want/need to ride. 
I'm also thinking the saddle I'm using isn't going to work for Grace. It's designed for a rounder, low whithered horse aka Camryn. I'd hoped once she got her weight up it would work. And while she's up to 950ish lbs, she's much more A-framed than a Haflinger for sure. I do have another older treeless Barefoot Arizona that I plan to try next. I don't plan to even contemplate a new saddle for her till I know she's staying however. 
Anyone looking to buy a gorgeous barely used Sensation Western Sport?  It's an awesome, well made saddle and soooo comfy!
Lincoln is loving Pre-pre school, I asked if he had fun when I picked him up today. He said "NO", of course this concerned me, until I asked why it wasn't fun. He told me "because you picked me up!"  He'd wanted to stay forever he said. He's a hoot!


  1. Good luck with the meds. It's ridiculous how expensive these meds are. I wish you were closer- i'd try the saddle!

    1. It's highway robbery. The saddle is designed for low whither, round barrels, short backs. I hate parting with it. But, still have hope that with the meds Grace will be staying put.

    2. Hooves x'd the meds do what they are supposed to do.

    3. Thank you Zoe, much appreciated