Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Can the saddle be the difference?

This people, is not the nervous Nellie horse I've been working with the past month or so...

Nor, is this the horse my trainer rode on trail just two weeks ago...

Grace has been at the trainers barn four days, other than turnout, she hasn't been messed with or worked. 
She's back to the horse I tried when I bought her!

Water crossing, no biggie...heavily wooded area, open field, between corn fields, la, la, la!  She didn't mind leading, or following behind a much slower horse. 
Trainer suggested we leave our normal route and do one I've yet to ride before just to test Grace. Come upon a water crossing with very steep incline, down she goes, up and out, good as gold. Trainer calls back to me, "yup, this is a trail horse!"  The horse I was riding was less than thrilled with the tougher terrain, Grace was just moving along, no rushing, avoiding, worrying...
We had a few glitches, one being a new post in the middle of the trail, she objected strongly to passing first. We switched places, Lou & I led, she was fine, along the road the first vehicle spooked her, after that none of the vehicles phased her.
She even
 Led the way thru the narrow entry way into & out off the arena. Once back in the arena she relaxed even more and was doing the neck reining she'd been taught in her youth. 
Ok, so barn full of horses is a pretty big change, but it appears that perhaps the biggest difference in today from the past may just be the saddle?  
The saddle I'd tried her in was a normal treed saddle, I've been riding since then in a Sensation Treeless saddle. I've noticed as trainer did that no matter how much the girth was tightened there was slippage. Our last trail ride when Grace was a basket case, the saddle was slipping constantly. We opted to use a treed gaited saddle today. Seriously!  Could that be the issue?
Trainer listed her on this morning, I'm glad she doesn't take good pictures as I'm seriously rethinking selling her. One of her boarders is going to let me borrow her treed gaited saddle to try on her this weekend in the arena. Back to banging my head against walls on what to do!
Input please


  1. It could be the saddle and being part of a herd.

    1. Yes, her change in demeanor began when the donkeys moved. "If", I keep her we have plans to add a mini for her and the Grandkids. The saddle is one of the better treeless, it passed all the "check the fit " tests with flying colors. She may be one of those who prefers trees? Hubs out of town again, he's doing the math on boarding for the winter. With my being "Granny Nanny", it may not be in the cards however.

  2. I'm positive that if my horse went to a big stable and lived in a stall again and had a daily riding routine he'd be just as "trained" as when I met him. Facilities and routine being the key points, where an employee rides him 6 days a week.

    Please let me know what is up, I think about you and your horse all the time!