Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The food aggression...

I'd mentioned working with Grace food aggression in my last post. It's another thing that "seemed" to come out of nowhere. One that could possibly go with my suspicions of ulcers.
At first, like Camryn, I'd fly mask while she enjoyed breakfast and she "seemed" fine with it. Then she began pinning her ears making "mare face", I chose to respect it as I could understand not being messed with while eating.
Then she began pinning her ears and snaking her head at me as I fed!  While I get after having come to us very thin, food was very important to her. It's not something I find acceptable for any reason.  I began keeping her back and away from her feed with my stick. She now turns her head/shoulder away now until I give her th OK, if she doesn't, it's "outta the barn girl."  Of course I have my stick in hand still. This may or may not be part of the reason she's been leaving the barn as I enter?  Cure one problem, start another kind of thing right!
I informed her yesterday (tears involved) that she had a narrowing window of opportunity to decide what if she wanted to stay. 


  1. Come on Grace m'dear. Face it you've fallen on your hooves, don't blow it. Get yourself sorted you might not get a home like this again.

  2. I'm trying really hard. It is nice to have humans who care enough to scratch an itchy bum. Just didn't realize, I had to appreciate it with good behavior!