Sunday, September 25, 2016

Empty pasture blues...

Grace headed over to trainers yesterday, I feel naked not seeing her out in the pasture. Part of me wants her back right now. Logic sadly intercedes as it just wasn't working out. I so hope she finds the right people and has friends there.
When I took her over, we turned her out in her field, then let her new "frenemies" out. They all made a beeline for her ears back ready to put the new girl in her place. Grace whirled hooves a blazing, as a group the others all pealed off away from her and went about their business. Later I could see her from our barn strolling about with a smaller bay with her. Appears she's got a friend 😀

She hadn't seen me yet.

Hey Mom, if I walk real slow I can come see you...

This little mare appears to be her friend. 

She seems happy!  Though I know the hay isn't to her liking!

Trainer said she'd turned Grace out last this morning, she ran right to "her" herd. I'm cleaning Grace stall, so will get to see her everyday until she's sold. She must have recognized me from a distance as she began gaiting right to me from the pasture.  Another mare, I'm guessing the boss suggested with her ears that Grace stay put. She listened and stopped. Though a little later she managed to head my way, along with I'm guessing the little bay I'd seen her with yesterday. She came over for just a moment, got a drink then back to the gang. Including Grace there are 6 in her field. One gelding who minds his own business, the rest mares, ones a mini. 
I just feel empty. 

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  1. Oh dear- I can feel your sadness (((Hugs))).
    She's so lovely - she will find a new home quickly and you can look for a better match for you.