Monday, October 3, 2016

Yes, I'm certifiable...

Truly I am.m crazy. 
Grace is doing well at the trainers barn.  A few nibbles on her ad though no bites "yet."  I go down daily, clean her stall and visit. I know she misses her roomy stall & 24/7 turnout. But, she loves being surrounded by friends. 
If she doesn't sell by later this month, I'll most likely bring her home for the winter. This time, she will have a friend...
"Hi, I'm Pippin"  

Yes, we are now owned by a mini. I began looking for one prior to Graces move.m after the donkeys move bMy trainer saw this lil guy, I went to see him yesterday. And he came home. Pippin rides (green), and drives, he came with his cart and harness. What a hoot driving is, we were pimping all over the place, down roads, trails, the works. Had no idea how much fun!

Pippin, stands 36", 4 yrs old and cute as all get out. 
The Grandkids are going to love him, can't wait to see Lincoln's face tomorrow. 
Hopefully, Pippin will help fill the horse void & assist in keeping me from the "wrong for me" horse. Perhaps till spring. I know Hubby is secretly hoping Pippin will mean no horse though lol. I see more click training in the future. 


  1. OMG- he's adorable! I am totally jealous!

  2. He's a hoot. HUGE personality in such a little guy! We're giving him a few days to settle in before hooking him to his cart. I can't wait!