Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Busy critter day...

I may have mentioned our Cardigan Welsh Corgi Ivy having issues with her back several weeks ago. She'd been on the mend, then pain started up once again. Back to the Vets, on the mend...once weaning her off the Prednisone would begin, she'd regress again. So back to the Vet again, was decided to begin laser therapy, X-rays first to rule out possible tumor. Good news, no tumor, she also has no arthritis, nor bulging discs which is what was suspected. She does have mineralization at T-9 to T-11, so along with restarting meds once again she had her first laser therapy treatment. She's to have a course of 6, one every other day, then weekly. Vet said the laser therapy isn't long term, the anti inflammatory meds will be however, along with as needed pain meds. Poor girl, she's the sweetest lil thing, fortunately she loves going to the Vet & they adore her right back...
Everyone in the room had to wear protective glasses...

The treatment felt so good, she dosed off 😊.
 Ivy is from one of our litters back when I showed & bred. So she's been with us from conception, we have to do everything we can to keep our darling princess comfortable. 

Today was also mani pedi day for our hoofed friends. First up was Grace, yes she's still at our trainers barn.  Between Ivy, the boys and the minis, I haven't seen her for a week. She's looking good & happy and seems to enjoy the boarding barn. 
Next up the Minis, who my trimmer hadn't yet met. We tied Pippin nearby and started with Merlin, as I expected, he was the perfect gentleman.  Pippin up next, I'd warned my trimmer to expect him to be fine with his fronts, and his backs would depend on his mood of the moment.  The moment was, "no I don't wanna, you can't make me!"  Poor guy, doesn't realize that he's really to small to deter people used to full sized horses. Once he understood, his wee rears were taken care off. Lucky my trimmer is patient and has a good sense off humor. I think our laughter is what caused him to settle down and give it up. 
You may have noticed my header picture change?  We finally had a day with three adults on hand and decent weather at the same time. Lincoln was thrilled to finally get a ride in. Merlin didn't put a foot wrong, even with Pippin running and calling from the pasture fence line. Merlin did keep an ear on Pippin but, otherwise didn't acknowledge his antics. Lincoln rode with me leading & Daddy side walking.  Lincoln did become unbalanced a few times, sweet Merlin stopped immediately on his own each time.  He's going to be a priceless first horse for the Grandkids for sure!  Chris got a few pix of Lincoln riding but, I only got after ride "thanks for the ride" from Lincoln pic. I wish I'd have thought to video the after ride as Merlin automatically joined up with Lincoln following along as if they were magnetized. Awesome!
Did get video of pasture antics as I hauled muck to the back of their field...

Pippin was coming to say Hello, Merlin felt he shouldn't as usual. Though the duration of the bossing has shortened quite a lot. Hope with consistent handling & time they'll learn to share attention. Either way, they're awesome lil guys. 


  1. I'm glad that it went so well. But we really need photos.

    1. I know but, it's hard to lead and get pix. I'll do better next time. I'll try to steal my sons pix and/or video.