Sunday, October 23, 2016

Spa day for the littles...

While I'd planned to hitch Merlin today, I ended up playing catch up inside for most of the day. Learned a valuable lesson in not getting behind in laundry. 
I did however give both Merlin & Pippin some spa time.
It's a bit difficult when they've been pretty possessive of who gets to be close to me.
 I tied Merlin & managed to keep Pippin at bay as he'd come in to harass Merlin with a quert. He tried several different maneuvers before finally just giving up & just chilling nearby till it was his turn.
Peace at last!
I left Merlin tied while Pippin had his turn. Mud season is right around the corner, both had their tails trimmed and braided. May not last long with their shenanigans though. 
Hubby bless him, is building a wind break on the end of their porch area. Both Mini's were all about offering assistance lol. 
With just one horse in the past it wasn't an issue. Now however, should one not wish to allow the other access to the run in area, at least he can be out of the wind. Hubby plans to add an opaque currogated plastic at the top.
For some reason after they're spa, they both were agreeable with me giving attention to the other. 
He's such a little squirt & that half blue eye always makes him appear to be up to something. 
Merlins expression is much softer & kinder. Of course, he's got more experience at life in general. And from what I was told, his past was filled with human attention. 
Hay there!

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