Monday, October 3, 2016

He's a rock star...

Pippin is a rock star & it's not just due to his David Bowie like hair style...
Definitely rocks the look lol

He also has his own fan club...
The new neighbors have two horse crazy girls to take the place of our old neighbor and their horse crazy girl. I stepped outside to visit Pippin and heard my name called out, "we finished dinner, can we play with Pippin?"

Taken with my cell phone but, love this shot all the same. The girls took turns running with him and together for quite some time. How I wish I wasn't so out of shape. Judging by how Pippin called out to them as they left, I'd have to guess he had fun too. The youngest did attempt to mount but, didn't aim right and landed to far back. After that Pippin was having non of it. I leaned over him afterwards a bit till he relaxed. Didn't want him thinking evasion worked for him. 
Their father has plans to add stalls in the back of their pole barn over winter & rearrange fencing. Then they plan to get a few horses as well. Won't that be awesome!
Lincoln still doesn't know, can't wait till tomorrow. 

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