Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Surprise success...

Somehow I managed to keep quiet and not spoil the surprise. 
Jefferson & Pippin met earlier in the morning after dropping Lincoln up at preschool...
Both were extremely curious, probably wondering "what is that?"

A few sniffs and nose grabs resulted in a diaper check...
Jefferson was quite unperturbed and the diaper was deemed clean. 

Picked Lincoln up and once inside he was ready to go out and play. He spotted Pippin from the slider and was literally squealing in excitement. This next part you'll have to imagine as I forgot to hit record. It was literally a Hallmark commercial; 
Lincoln dashes out the door running across the yard to the paddock fence. Pippin spots him and begins running towards Lincoln. Here are these two little beings of different species drawn towards one another like magnets. They both reach their own side of the fence at the same moment, noses immediately touch, Lincoln is oooohing & ahhhhing, Pippin nikkering back. I was in total awe, it was like they were meant to be together. 
Of course I'm drug to the gate, I manage to grab halter and lead line. Once thru the gate I ended up dropping them both to take this picture...
Love at first site, the hugging went on forever. 

I managed to halter Pippin, Lincoln immediately took the lead rope and this began...
They'd been running together quite sometime, when I finally thought to video. 

Lincoln next had to dig up carrots for his new friend, they shared. 

Why I wonder do you only hear about little girls adoring horses?  
More running, hugging, petting ensued till I finally convinced Lincoln lunch & a nap had to happen. As I shut his door, I overheard him telling his doll Annie all about Pippin. 

Grampa came home, Lincoln made him close his eyes so he could surprise him with Pippin. ☺️

SURPRISE GRAMPA, I got a horsie. Grampa mistakenly called Pippin a pony and was immediately corrected.  Is this kid to sweet or what?

Everywhere Lincoln went, everything he did Pippin was a ready and willing partner. He's watching Lincoln search for a lucky stone. 

We're all head over heels in love already. 
Once Daddy & Mommy arrived to pick up the boys, it was nearing dark so lucky for you all no pics lol. Lincoln made them both close their eyes for the big surprise too 😂

Pippin is truly worth his weight in gold!


  1. Oh that is so adorable! I actually had tears in my eyes.

  2. That is just the cutest thing I've read in a long time. Lucky pippin, lucky Lincoln. I hope they have many happy runs together xx