Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pony, pumpkins & boy

Had planned to take the boys to pumpkin patch, Lincoln's ear infection nixed it. He's feeling fine but...
Anyway, I'd planted pumpkins in with the veggie garden. For whatever reason Everything it produced puttered out. A few vines volunteered, one in the manure pile out back. We'd had a frost last night with another predicted tonight. While the pumpkins hadn't oranged all the way, we picked them in hopes of them doing so. Pippin of course had to help...
He literally at one point tried to get in with Lincoln!

Since that wasn't permitted, he simply followed...

Lincoln loved it, Pippin is one of the boyz here 

Lincoln supervises Grampa. 

Another vine volunteered in my front garden. It's from one I'd allowed to rot over the winter. It's one pumpkin grew across our front walk. Delivery people always commented & enjoyed it. Lincoln did the honors harvesting this one...
We'd propped it on firewood when the heatwave had been causing the concrete to cook the pumpkin. 

Our little pumpkin farmer is pretty proud of himself


  1. Replies
    1. funny how those I didn't plant did so well

  2. Those are great pumpkins! I think that Pippin wanted to ride int he wagon for a change.

    1. Pippin had one front leg in at one point. I'm sure he'd have hopped right in if allowed