Friday, October 28, 2016

That Love/Hate thing...(pic heavy)

The boyz, it truly seems they love to hate each other at times. Brings back memories of my sons when they were young. And gives me visions of what's to come with Lincoln & Jefferson 😳
Awwwww, so sweet...

 Not for long, next up is squealing & then this...
She's my human, don't touch her ever again...

You pipsqueak Pippin, don't tell me what to do...

Ha, on you Merlin, I have youth on my side...

They really can move...

Synchronized bickering!

All this after they'd been so good being scratched and led together in the pasture. I really do think they enjoy it!


  1. Pippin's nose reminds me of that mini in a commercial where a lady unloads a mini from a huge horse trailer, and all the big horses run from it. Then the lady makes a doggy door for the mini so that it can come inside the house when it is lonely.

    1. I love that commercial. And if Grandson sees that commercial this year, I'm doomed.

  2. They are really enjoying their life together!

    1. We're enjoying them just as much. They're a hoot.