Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hooked up & hooked...

Only took me an hour to get Pippin all hooked up to his cart. Thanks you tube for all the videos, though it was difficult to fine video of harness with britchen. I did it all on my own too! I'm sure Pippin and I will get the time it takes down with practice. Once I'd adjusted his bridle & over check, which I'd seen were to tight when trying him out, he stood very quietly. I'm pretty sure I even heard him say "thank you!"  

He's so cute all hooked up...
What a good boy. 

I text Hubby that we're good to go, I'd wanted supervision in case we got in trouble & pictures. Apparently Hubby forgot what his role was!  He came out, hopped in the cart & drove off!  And of course, I was the only one who thought to take pix to boot. 
I'm standing there thinking, WTF!

As he's not horsey, I did have to stop him to remind him to gentle his hands, that pulling on the reins literally brought metal to bone. I hopped in beside him at that point & took the reins. While I don't know how to drive, I do know how to direct rein. I did notice & realize leg pressure from a cart doesn't really do anything, took me a few minutes before I quit trying to use leg aids LOL!
He stole my Pippin!

That's OK, I love him...

Are they both smiling?

While Pippin drove nicely when I tried him out, he did much better today. He'd not wanted to pull at a walk when trying him out, needing to trot most of the time, even breaking into canter. He'd also been very impatient when it came to just standing, he seemed to find it impossible to do so. I really think it was a combination of both the bit and overcheck being way to tight. Today, he patiently stood when asked to, and quite happily walked and trotted. I'm pretty sure all the pressure had him wanting to run away from it. Ecspecially only being a four year old. 
We had soooooo much fun. And I loved that once Pippin was unhooked he followed me all over. Kind of like that "joining up" feeling when working a horse. 
Anyway, Hubby & I are both hooked. I'd kind of known Hubby had an ulterior motive in encouraging me to get a mini. He admitted it a few days ago. I told him the only way I'd give up a trail horse would be if he got involved as well. That we could have something we would both enjoy doing together. Judging by the grin on his face driving Pippin about, I'd say he does. So as our 19th anniversary is this coming week we went out to dinner. A lot of our conversation revolved around driving. We've decided I'd look for another mini, a little bigger than Pippin for him, that both rides & drives. I'd start driving lessons and teach Hubby, join a driving club to find trails we can use. Once the boys, are in grade school we'll rediscuss adding another trail horse.
Reality is, with my being "Granny Nanny" & the boys being with me at least ten hours four days a week, I'm mucking more than riding. With cart horses, next year little Jefferson, Lincoln & I can easily tool around in the pasture and have a blast.
Guess, I'm needing to come up with another new name for the blog?  Grace by the way is still at trainers barn, I'm cleaning her stall so, get to visit every day. She's happy & content, I'm hoping her new owner keeps her there as she's & the little bay are definitely BFF's, there's a flea bitten gray that hangs with them as well. 


  1. Funny how life works out isn't it. That looks like so much fun. I'm not ready to give up on riding yet but I love the idea of driving.

    1. Thinking of it in terms more as "postponing" rather than "giving up!" Pippin & whomever we find for Hubs will at least fufill much of my equine needs. At least that's what I'm hoping.