Sunday, October 9, 2016

Making friends, or trying...

After today's drive Margeaux came over to investigate. Pippin had to investigate right back...

Margeaux was open to snuffles for a few moments, then walked off. Pippin took this as an invitation to give chase. Margeaux felt it necessary to to take off, mistake as the faster Margeuax went the faster Pippin chased. Luckily, when I called Pippin off, he listened. Not the way to win friends Pip!

Another fun drive in the field...
Loving my view. 

Didn't take nearly as long to hitch up, I am having problems with the crupper moving about. Trying to figure out why it's not staying centered. Also besides the turrets on the saddle part, there are o-rings on both sides of the breast collar and britchen. Not sure if reins are supposed to be run thru those as well. I did but, felt it may slow down communication from hands to bit?  Lots to figure out. 

After, like yesterday he was my Pippin puppy...
He just follows me about happily. Of course this earns hugs & scratches. Gooood boy Pippin. 


  1. I believe the reins are supposed to go through the rings to keep them from flopping down. At least that's how I harnessed my guys. I actually had a carabiner and ring that I attached to the ring on the breast collar so the line between my hand and the bit remained unbroken. It looks like you may need to shorten the strap between the "spider" and the collar. The spider (britchen) looks like it might be off Pippin's rump too much. That might improve the fit of the crupper.

  2. Ok, so the reins go thru not just the turrets but, the two sets of o rings as well. That's how I did it, just wasn't certain as none of the videos I found had the extra o rings. I'll shorten that strap and and see how that goes. Thank you so much, glad to have a driver around 👌🏻