Thursday, October 13, 2016

Vet & Dr all in one day...

This morning the Vet came to check Pippins lip warts & see if he needed any dental work. Teeth are good, few little points that can wait till spring. He feels the wart is one common to youngsters, as long as it doesn't grow significantly to hold off till dental. They'll remove wart while he's already sedated. Though he feels it should actually get smaller by that time. I also had him look at odd dent under his buttock on one side. He felt he'd been injured at one time and the injury caused that area of muscle to die off. Not his words, doesn't cause any lameness. Otherwise all is good Pippin land, he weighs approx 175lb and could stand to lose 10ish lbs. 
The boys are here while Daddy & Mommy are belatedly honeymooning, Lincoln really enjoyed the Vet, supervising from a wood box safely out of the way. Last night, he'd had a difficult time sleeping, after the Vet left he complained about his ear hurting. Gramma knows exactly what that means. Lincoln can't understand why Pippins Dr. comes to the house, but he has to go to his. He asked the Dr why lol. He's such a good patient, he goes about life befriending all he meets, even when he's sick. A little boy proudly wearing his Wonder Woman crown tends to bring out the smiles around him as well. 
I mentioned last post his getting a present for Pippin. He spotted an orange ball at the tack store, and it had to be Pippins (his). Pippin was interested for a few minutes...
Round and orange!  Could be a carrot apple?
They pushed it around together, Pippin lost interest in the ball, though not in the boy.
They find one another very interesting. 

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