Thursday, October 27, 2016

Simple things...

The simplest of things can make me happy. For instance my new muck rake!  It's "fine tined", and picks up even the smallest of the Mini's "marbles", they can be so darn little I sure can't call them apples. With a normal rake it was taking forever to clean their stall, everything needed picked up twice as they fell thru the tines. Pain in the arse in a big way. 

My supervisor Merlin points out spots I've missed and reminds me he'd like a mint on his pillow. What a face. 

I also ordered several smaller rubber feed bowls. I now have four, rather than feeding after they're in their stall, I have it all laid out, ready before I bring them in. I'm also putting breakfast out in the run in area while they're eating dinner. It's lessened the "feed me first" bickering enormously. 

Let there be peace and cute little Mini butts!

Though the peace is always on the verge of warfare.  There are two piles of hay in the run in area. Pippin had been working on this pile, Merlin came over ears pinned daring Pippin to continue eating from it. Pippin though a gelding is ballsy. While he moves to the edge a bit he's not leaving his pile of hay. 

It's a love hate relationship...
Most of the time they really do like one another "I think!"

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