Monday, October 17, 2016


I've mentioned Hubbies attempted abduction of Pippin.  I've been searching for another, at least Pippins size that both drives and rides, preferably a gelding. 
You'd be surprised, at least I was at hoe many miniscule Minis there are that not only don't do anything but eat, they've been left intact!
Hooves crossed I may have found the right lil guy...
He's 10ish, approx Pippins size, has been being used at an equestrian center to start small children. 

He has lots of experience driving, plays well with other horses...biggest drawback is his current name "Scooby!" 😖
Pippin is going to be soooo happy to have a friend (I hope). Lincoln is going to over the moon thrilled!


  1. Hmm. It seems that minis are like potato chips. ......

    1. Only when non-horse hubby is actually wanting to get involved with driving. Im really looking forward to driving adventures together.