Wednesday, October 5, 2016


After Lincoln & Pippin enjoyed some time together, I let Pippin out in the pasture for the first time. Excuse Theo yapping in the background, cattle dogs don't appreciate running unless they're the ones making others do the running. 

I think he may have enjoyed himself just a little. I kept Lincoln up close to me, just in case Pippins antics brought him to close. 
He'd been kept in a small yard, much smaller than our paddock as the guys gelding harassed Pippin. All day he alternated between the zoomies, eating and rolling.  I've never had a youngster before, such fun to watch. 

A friend came over with her heavy duty clippers to clip a short bridle path. His mane is so thick there is no way it could be comfortable all bunched up under a halter or bridle. She allowed him to examine it both on and off. He did pretty darn good with it & got an apple piece after.

The Lincoln/Pippin love affair is still going strong, I do need a shorter aka mini lead rope for Lincoln's safety. 
And lincoln can't understand why I won't allow Pippin in the house 😂


  1. I think I just swooned. I love this guy- he's adorable. I think he'd make a perfect house pet. :D

    1. If Lincoln had his way, they'd be watching "My Little Pony" in the family room. He did say a TV in the barn would be pretty cool lol

  2. Theo cracked me up.... and how well he responded to your "enough" cracked me up.... that's what I live with, too! Tucker can't stand it when the horses move and he just has to bark!!
    Pippin is so very cute!

    1. Drives me crazy at times. Herding dogs, gotta love em.