Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Whoooo hoooo...

Lincoln's first cart ride. He was so happy and had so much fun...
Lincoln would whoohoooo, Pippin would speed up, whooohoooo, speed up, rinse & repeat. Only the promise of doing it again tomorrow would get Lincoln out of the cart. 
May not happen, Vet is coming to take a look at Pippins lip wart & check his teeth. Forgot when I'd promised. Bad Gramma!
We went out and picked up a more Pippin/Lincoln sized lead rope, some treats, a smaller shedding blade & a must have ball!  I'll post the ball pix later. Gramma is tired. 


  1. I bet you are tired! Lincoln will understand if you can't because of the vet. Maybe have something else to do with the wonder pony. :)