Friday, March 14, 2014


Camryn here:
Well, spring supposed to be here in like 6 days right?  We had coupla days warmer weather, then suddenly...
We had rain, snow n ice along with big windyness Wed. thru Thurs.

Now, I know your looking at my bum and thinking Oh that not be much snow.  And you'd be right excepting this all got blowed on me in a span of 15 minutes whilst I was standing on my patio waiting for Mom to get my lunches served up!!!

I mean what's up with that?
Oh, and I gotta mention some Grampa stuff.  Dad keeps tabs on Grampa's finances. While checking Grampa's account online the other day, Dad noticed that his Social Security check wasn't deposited!  So Dad called Grampa and told him to call his bank and Social peoples.  Grampa was told to come to the Social offices, so Mom tooked him there today after babysitting Lincoln this morning.  Come to find out that someone online had accessed Grampa's Social info, they'd changed his address and diverted his check to another bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    We know it happens but, to someone with no computer, smart phone...  His bank stuff is untouched! How did they do it?  Could it be someone sneaked into his wallet while visiting???  Scary!   So now there be a block and iffen anything needs changed it's gotta be done in person.  And who ever did this to Grampa gonna be goin to prison!  Hope stealing from a little old man was worth it, grrrrrrr!


  1. Holy cow! Good thing for mom's vigilance! Glad you got it figured out quick and hope you catch the person.

    1. Thanx, we're hoping the Feds catch them soon. Though we having a feeling they've got bigger fish to fry than just one check that went AWOL

  2. Wow that's just awful. Lucky Dad checks Grampa's finances.
    Snow?? We've been having sun and flies. Keep that lovely bum warm xx

    1. No sun here, it's wind and clouds. But, no snow! Dad put a freeze on Grampa's credit so no new accounts can be opened under his info.