Sunday, March 16, 2014

Theo is official...

Camryn here:
It's official now, Theo is part of the family.  The rescue doesn't declare one of their dogs as being "adopted' till after a two week period.  Yesterday was two weeks of Theo being here, everyone (cept the cats) is quite happy...
The Cardi girls as you can see are quite comfortable with him.  And visa versa.

Theo is quite content too.  Mom calls him her sidekick now, cause basically where ever Mom is so is Theo.  He always seems to know what Mom is doing so he can be involved.  Even when seemingly sound asleep like the pic above.  Mom moves an inch and the eyes look to see!!!  Mom cleans my stall, Theo there supervising, doing laundry he supervises, just watching TV he's still making sure she gets it right.
Mom's been teaching him good manner things (he already had great start at rescue) and something fun.  She's got him crawling to her now.  She showed Dad and he busted up laughing, Dad thinks Theo is pretty awesome too.  He loves playing fetch, playing tug games, and just watching TV whilst chomping on his pink Elephant. 
Theo was supposed to start school last week but, the weather postponed it.  Mom is really looking forward to Wed. and starting their formal lessons.  Oh, and Mom noticed that at Equine Affaire next month there be a clinic teaching training dogs with horses!!!  She's gonna do that one fur sure, then maybe Theo n Me can be best buds like Onyx n Me was.  Mom knows Theo isn't an Onyx replacement but, when she saw his pic the first time, she sawed Onyx in his eyes.  Having him here now, it's still there only more so.  Course all of our fur kids be apples in Mom's eyes, and all the fur kids Love Mom too.  But, Onyx n Mom had a special connection, it appears that maybe this new connection gone be a great one too.
Got more HAY!!!  HAY, HAY, HAY, went thru lots of HAY with the frigid weathers.  Nom, Nom, Noms.

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