Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dog-gone busy...

Camryn here:
So sorry for the lack of posts.  Mom is to blame, well the weather is too, along with Gramma n Theo.  Yup all to blame but me of course :)
So, the weather has been horrid cold, fortunatly though the blizzardy stuff we was supposed to be getting (this time round) passed us by.  Mom is way over winter and can't wait for spring/summer.  I don't mind the cold so much as my winter woolies keeps me plenty warm AND there be no bugs in winter!!!
Gramma had her surgery on Friday last week.  Waiting on results but, Dr. lady thinks they got it all and no signs of lymph node involvement.  Gramma is doing really good, good nuff to drive Mom nuts at times.  Yup, that's what Gramma's be for, to drive their adult daughters nuts of course!!!  So maybe it's not so bad that our foals move on to other homes perhaps?  Chris broughted Lincoln over Sunday, he smiled for Great-Gramma whole lots, he's a very entertaining and happy boy for sure.
Lincoln be showing Great-Gramma how the lizard makes music.  He's a good teacher.

She's looking pretty good just day 2 post surgery.  Can you believe Lincoln is just days shy of 6 months old already!

Lincoln is telling Great-Gramma the story of his life.  It's a short one just like him (& the Cardi girls).  Oh, Emily came to visit too!

Theo came on Sat.  He's doing super uber good.  Well, Maizee n Margeaux may disagree!  Mom'll be keeping him on a long line till he's taught that kitties are not tasty morsels.  And/or the kitties get used to his presence and no longer run.  Margeaux did put him in his place, so that's given Theo something to think about!  Margeaux is dog savy and understands a dog can't chase a cat that doesn't run.  Maizee hasn't got that concept just yet.

Maizee trying to buddy up thru the glass.  Smart girl she is.

Theo n Ivy have buddied up, while Ivy isn't much for playing she's a wonderful cuddler so that's what they do together.  Promise and he get along too, Promise is more like "we'll just wait till he grows some brains please".  Cattle Dogs are known as velcro dogs, in that respect Theo is true to nature in a big way.  He's stuck to Mom like glue, since it's cold and he's not getting out like he should Mom is excersising him and her by walking all round the house with him glued to her side.  And lots n lots of fetching, he LOVES playing fetch.  He's pretty calm and laid back till he see's his tennis ball or wubba.  He knows where the toy basket is and empties it in search of what he wants.  Mom says he's gotta learn to put his toys away cause he leaves em everywhere.  I be liking him too, while he's not allowed "in my space" we've had several conversations over and thru the fence.  He seems like a nice kinda guy and doesn't fixate on me like he can't wait to herd me.  Mom did notice on one of their walks that he does fixate on cars, so that's something to work on too.  He's been keeping Mom plenty busy just figuring out what makes him tick and visa versa.

Day one with Theo all the kids get along really good!  Course having met at the rescue last week we knowed they would.   Otherwise we wouldn't have been able to adopt him.

Dad n Theo tooked a nap together, Theo was way tired from all the changes he's had.  Dad keeps saying how he can't understand why someone would abandon such an awesome dog.  Their loss is our (and Theo's) gain I say.

At dinner time, Ivy taught Theo what to do. He wanted to beg, everyone he approached just ignored him.  So he went and laid down politely with Ivy.  Ivy is a very good example for her adopted big brother.
We'll post more about Theo another time.  No pix with me yet as the camera and the weather just don't mix well SIGH.  I am doing good though in spite of it.  Mom has Theo come help do my room service.  He's not to good at it just yet, as he's most interested in where the kitties are.  "They're in the loft watching you from above dude".


  1. Glad Theo is home! We are sick of winter, too.

    1. Theo seems happy with being here. His coming is making winter more bearable for Mom. Just little bit though

  2. Yay for Theo! Don't worry though Camryn you're still our number 1 :-)

    1. thanx, Mom says the same thing. Just getting to know Theo plus Gramma stuff takin time