Saturday, February 22, 2014

It's a go...

Camryn here:
     Well, Mom n Dad along with Promise n Ivy went to meet Fable, soon to be Theo today.  Mom expected the meet n greet to go well.  But, she never expected it to go as good as it did.  Normally Austrailian Cattle Dogs are standoffish with strangers both human and dogs at first.  But, one of the first things soon to be Theo did was to hop up with Dad on the couch to hang out!  Dad was hooked right then big time.  Soon to be Theo gived Mom kisses too.  Yeah this dog knows how to smooze all right. 
     After visiting and hearing more bouts him they went outside.  Rescue lady kept soon to be Theo on lead while Mom gotted Promise outa the truck.  First thing happened was soon to be Theo told Promise how pretty she is and how much he loved her.  Promise was like "whatever, your yard smells realy good though".  They walked them around together till Theo growed his brains back a bit, being a real boy till just recently it took him a minute or two.  Promise seemed to understand this.  Dad went and got Ivy and they did the same thing.  Soon to be Theo promised to love Ivy forever.  After a bit, they took em all off the leads and they all three went exploring together.  Soon to be Theo was acting like a brother should, just following them around and showing them the sites.
     So, I guess you know where this is going right?  Yup, soon to be Theo is gonna soon be our brother.  I'll get to meet him next weekend when rescue lady brings him and makes sure our home is set up for him.  Having had such short dogs, there are sure to be some things that need changing.  Like learning to keep the toilet seat down!!! 
     Dad is even all excited and Dad doesn't actually get so excited bout stuff.  The rescue is so wonderful too.  They really are dedicated to finding great homes for dogs n need.  It's a breed specific rescue in that they only do ACD's, they know the breed and know how to make sure they get into good homes.  Mom really likes that in rescuing soon to be Theo, that they're also helping a second dog that is waiting to go into rescue too. 
     Sorry, no pix of it all.  Getting to know soon to be Theo wasn't something to do from behind a camera. 


  1. Happy for you! Can't wait til he gets home :)

    1. We're all very excited. Gotta do some shopping for him

  2. Sounds soon to be Theo has been getting tips on how to make sure you bag yourself a good home. Clever boy. He has won the doggy lottery for sure.

    1. So right. The rescue had never had a meet and greet go so well.