Thursday, February 6, 2014

Emily n Ivy...

Camryn here:
Ms. Emily came to visit while Chris, Sam n Lincoln went to visit Oma (Lincolns other Gramma).  Despite Emily being a notorious bed thief (she steals Ivy's bed) the girls enjoy just hanging out a lot.

Ivy:  "Em, Em, I heard a car door.  Do you think my Dad is home?"
Emily:  "No"

Ivy: "Em, Em, are you sure?"
Emily: "Yes"

Ivy: "SIGH, Dad's not home"
Emily: "Told ya"
As you can see Emily finds the relationship a bit tedious!  Oh, our neighbor dogs invisible fence isn't working or they don't have it on.  One of the dogs is mean, mean, mean and has a rep for biting.  He hates Emily even though they've never met.  Yesterday while Mom had the girls out, this dog was rushing our fence (hitting it) and telling Emily he wanted to kick her butt!!!  I mean come on Emily has only three legs how would that be fair?  Mom's gonna have to talk to them about it, now that the mean dog knows the he can he's on our property, while he can't get into our yards, he can/will attack Emily or anyone/anything else that is in our drive way.  Not good at all.
Grampa is doing real good living up here, (knock on wood) no "I've fallen and I get get up" moments since moving to Ohio.  He's behaving, taking his meds and not doing things that could make him fall/pass out like he used too :)  He likes his new church and one of his daughter and a grandaughter have even visited him!!  That's huge cause Dad n Mom can relax a bit if they continue to take an interest in Grampa.
Gramma on the other hand:  Her meds had been doing a great job shrinking the cancers.  The Dr's. couldn't even feel the tumors.  So part of her treatment is having regular ultrasounds.  One just a few months ago showed what the Dr's. thought that her tumors were way small.  They opted not to do surgery cause the surgery at that point was more life threatening than the cancers.  Few months later the Dr. could once again feel the tumors, off to ultrasound again, the cancers was growing and were already up to their original sizes.  So they was growing fast.  The Dr's. just thought they needed to switch meds since this one quit working.  That is until Gramma admitted she'd not been taking her meds regularly (which could mean not at all).  Gramma came up with three differant reasons for doing this, we won't go into those (they make Mom wanna bang her own head into walls), but long n short of it is Gramma is gonna have a mascetomy cause it's clear she can't be trusted to take her meds now.  Mom says the moral of the story is lies have huge consaquences.  I'm glad I'm a horse cause as we all know "us horses can't lie".  Mom likes that too.


  1. I wonder if the meds made her not feel good or if she had another reason for not taking them?

    1. The aches n pains was first reason, second was she'd forget. Mom wouldn't understood the second. Real reason is that she'd been prayed over and had "felt" the cancer leave her body. So being Gramma, she quit taking it!!! Mom's all for having faith but...Gramma's been lying and telling Mom she's taking her meds!!! And now stead of just hormone treatment it's a mastecomy!

  2. Those doggy pictures are hilarious - Miss Emily looks 'quietly reserved'. Hope Gramma gets through her surgery ok.

    1. No, Emily isn't reserved, it's just that she can find Ivy's hanging on her every move boring. Gramma will be staying here while she recuperates. We'll find out next week when the surgery is.