Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feeling left out...

Camryn here:
I'm feeling a bit left out regarding Fable.  Yeah, Mom is keeping me updated, but why do the Cardi girls get to go meet him?  Me n my Cats don't?  SIGH
I guess Ivy n Promise get to see if they'd like him for their big brother, and he gets to see if he likes them for little sisters.  He's gonna be mine to isn't he?  I should have a say in the matter.  Something bout my not fitting in the truck & my trailer is snowed in I guess.
Mom talked to rescue lady today, Mom is very impressed with them.  She'd told them about Lincoln & how he's here lots.  The lady had her teen daughter dig out her old life like doll babies.  Then they found baby crying sounds on her cell phone to get Fable used to such things.  That is beyond awesome in my book for sure.
Mom's got a blanket for the girls to sleep on to take and leave with him to be familiar with their smells.  The rescue already has him sleeping on a blanket so he'll be bringing his home smells to comfort him while he adjusts.  If everyone gets along, Fable will come live with here the following weekend.  Very exciting.
Fables story is a sad one.  Last March he and a Red Heeler girl were found as strays.  They had tags on, so their peoples were called and they went back home.  Day after Christmas they were both picked up again.  Their peoples were called but, this time they didn't come.  So sad.  Fable and his friend who may have been his Momma or his Sister were held for 14 days.  The ACD rescue came to bail them out after they'd been there a total of three weeks.  The shelter/pound that had them did tempermant testing first.  Fable passed with no issues, his friend however flunked in a big way.  She was deemed unadoptable and SIGH that means she was a gonner. 
Once at the rescue Fable was very depressed, he didn't even want to eat.  They think his friend was either his Sister or his Momma.  After a few weeks he came around and started smiling again. 
So basicaly he got the name Fable cause he has a story behind him.  Mom emailed the rescue and told them to tell Fable he could put his bad story behind him and begin a good story now.  The rescue lady wrote back "you got it, you got the reason for his name". 
So Mom wants to keep the name since she believes in names that have meaning.  Examples: Promise is Promise cause she was a gift to Mom from Chris while he was in Iraq & he Promised to come back safe.  Ivy is Ivy cause Chris was in the Army's 4th ID unit and their Insignia is an Ivy leaf.  So Fable should be Fable.  Dad however wants to "maybe" change his name.  Since Dad has never ever had a say in a name, Mom understands.  So long as she likes it and it suits Fable anyway.
We sure hope Fable realizes that having to move again is a good thing.


  1. I always get left out at family events too. It's not fair.
    Poor Fable, he's picked himself a good home clever boy. YMFs gsd was found tied up outside a police station with a note round her neck saying "my name is sasha".

    1. We just don't get humans and the things they do sometimes. Good thing for Sasha and Fable they have no worries bout that now.

  2. I am sure Fable will be so happy to have a great home and his very own horse!

  3. We love the name Fable - very apt indeed :-) Can't wait to hear how the intros go!