Friday, July 6, 2012

Margeaux boo boo...

Camryn here:
Margeaux is home from the Vet, nearest they can figure is she got bit by a vampire.  They were just kidding.  The bite isn't the normal wound on either side of the neck, the bites were side by side.  One was bigger than the other, so something with rat like teeth maybe.  The tissue between the wounds had started dying off.  So, Doc had to cut the dead stuff away making one big wound stead of two before stitching it together.  Right now Margeaux is a bit buzzed from the sleepy meds, so Mom laid her down on the cool flagstone outside the kitchen stead of bringing her back to the barn where Maizee would annoy her.  Ivy and Promise are standing guard as Margeaux sleeps the meds off. 

See it's big as all get out

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....yup she's snoring

She tried to get up and walk a few times but, walks like a drunken sailor.  She tried bathing herself but, was missing her leg.  Poor girl, Mom'll bring her back to the barn when she's more herself.


  1. That's a huge wound. Poor thing!

  2. Oh, that is quite impressive! Watch out for the flies on that wound. Hurts just looking at it! Cats are so hardy, they can handle anything!

  3. Poor cat! That is a huge cut! She looks so cute sleeping though.
    She will come out of her stupor and be back to her regular self in no time.

  4. She's back to herself and boy was Maizee happy to have Mom home. Oddly enough the flies aren't at it! Doc gave her a dose of Revolution for fleas, perhaps it keeps other bugs at bay too?

  5. Poor girl that was some bite. What the hell you have there tigers?

  6. Vet Tech mentioned vampires! She was kidding :)