Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Onyx on walk a bouts...

Camryn here: 
Normally my Onyx is a homeboy.  I mean Mom can leave the paddock gate open (when I'm in the pasture) and Onyx won't go thru the gate (into the yard) without being invited.  The girls will go exploring given half a chance but, not Onyx.  Bout two weeks ago Mom gets a call from Danette that Onyx is in her back yard.  Mom yells to Dad to finish making dinner and heads over thru the woods.  Onyx was already heading home.  Few days later he did it again, then again, then again.  Seems he's figured out he can slide between the middle gate in the barn aisle to head off on walkabouts, then he simply walks under the electric fence and hits the trails.  Mom figured this out and now blocks his route out.
Normally Onyx, Margeaux, n Maizee putz around with Mom as she tends to barn chores.  Onyx toddles about the pasture, the cats play stalk things.  Oh, Onyx toddles cause hims gettin up there in years, and he'd broke his back a few years back.  The fact that he toddles really worries Mom bout his walkabouts too, sometimes you'd never know, but if he gets goin to fast his back feets stumble as his front feets keeps a going. 
Yesterday as she cleaned my room, Onyx decided to walkabout again. Again not the norm as he hangs out around Mom when she's back with us.  So off Mom goes, luckily he sticks to the trails for the most part.  Yesterday though judging from his wetness he'd had a tumble into the luckily not deep creek.  He looked very happy with himself when he saw Mom coming for him.  Toddling back home with her all happy and smiling.
Mom thinks he's getting kinda senile and remembering all the walks her took with him n Mo (her first horse) prior to his back accident.  So her called Danette who owns the trails for permission to take Onyx on walks hoping this would make him happy...

Onyx: I smell groundhog maybe?
Onyx: Over the river n thru the woods...

Onyx: la, la, la, la...he's on his own little world

Onyx: to Danette's house we go

Onyx: K Mom, lets head another way...

Onyx: La, la, la, la, I'm on a mission...

Onyx: hurry up would ya Mom, we're headed home...

Onyx: Hey Camryn we went on an adventure, gotta get some water now
Camryn: Nom, nom, nom, whatever dude!
After they came back home, Onyx got a good drink then settled down for a nap.  Mom cleaned my room, did barn chores then realized Onyx wasn't napping.  He was just headed under the fence planning to walkabout on his own again!  Her called and he toddled back to the barn.  SIGH Mom's gotta keep eyes behind her head now as she works it seems.  Onyx grandma (breeder) thinks perhaps #1. as mom thinks he's getting senile or #2. he's looking for a comfy place to go over the bridge.  We'd much prefer #1 for sure!  Since this is odd and unusual behavior for Onyx it could be either one.  He's eating, drinking, wanting cookies and smiling still despite the heat.  Don't worry we're watching him much more closely,


  1. Oh Onyx! I would prefer #1 too!! Maybe he is just tired of barn scenery and wants a change with the woods? I hope he doesn't keep his walk a bouts up all by himself, he needs a buddy to go with him. Glad mom is really on top of things! Although animals can be very sneaky when they want. . .

    1. Yes, we want my Onyx around for a long long time. Mom is hoping by going thru the trails with him prior to chores he'll develope the habit of asking for her to go walkabout with him.

  2. He sounds like he has had a wonderful life for a woofy. One of our yappies is very poorly, back to the vet on fri for her but it's not looking good.
    I like seeing pics of Onyx enjoying himself.

    1. Sad to hear one of your yappies isn't doing well. Onyx really enjoyed his toddle with Mom. Onyx may live in the barn, but he's always been what Mom calls her "heart" dog.

  3. Hmmm....very strange. I'm glad your mom is keeping an eye on him - he is such a cute guy! Maybe life on the farm is just too mundane!

  4. You wouldn't think with all his barn friends (me included) he'd get bored now would you. Maybe he just wants to see what Margeaux does when out and about?

  5. You might run him to the vet to see if he has a urinary tract infection... it can cause very odd behavior, esp in older critters (humans included)