Sunday, July 22, 2012

New friend Maybe...

Camryn here:
You may all recall a friend of Mom's hoping to get my sister a few months back?  That didn't work out as the owner was worried a goat wouldn't be the best companion.
So, anyhow Mom's friend kept looking and she may have found me a friend and it's a boyfriend at that.  He's being leased for 30 days while she checks him out.  So far so good, Mom went to see him yesterday and came home all thumbs up.
He's quite handsome don't you think!  I think he's yummy.  Mom says he's a real sweetie, loves cuddling (unlike myself on the latter there).  Says his manners are super good too.  Mom got to ride him a bit and really liked that.  If Mom's friend takes him, he'll be moving to her house which isn't far at all.  Once he's settled Mom plans to take me there so we can get to know each other.  Then seeing if he'll load in our trailer. 

I let him borrow my bitless and treeless to see if he likes them.  He did of course.  Mom got a little mane envy as compared to me...lets just say I lack in that dept.  I haven't mentioned his name because that may be subject to change.
So that's my news, keep hooves crossed cause Mom says hims a keeper.


  1. What a handsome fella! Sorry Shy didn't share her Birth-iversary pie. . .she scarfed it down so quick!

    Hooves and fingers crossed over here!!

    1. Awwww, that's OK Shy, I'd have eaten it all just like you. Shoot, I'd have eaten it all even though it wasn't mine!

  2. whoo hoo lucky you. He is indeed very handsome.

    1. Yeah he is a hunka. Plan is if she keeps him that he'll move to her place. Once he's settled in we'll go over and ride together. Then if he loads in my trailer we'll be hittin the road together.