Thursday, July 5, 2012

This n That...

Camryn here:
Sorry for the lack of blogging, Mom's been busy with human stuff and it's just been waaaay to hot round here.
This is what I do when we're having a heat wave:
Yup, that'd be nothing at all.  Mom even let me be nekkid cause it's so hot.  Notice my tail isn't hanging straight down.  I'm standing in front of my fan, it cools me AND keeps those midges offa me so long as I stand there!  You can just make out Onyx laying on the other side of the gate appreciating my fan too.  Maizee had been laying just under my nose but, moved just before Mom took this.

Grampa was here for a visit again.  So we had Dad's family over for a cookout to hang out with him and Mickey his dog:

Grampa is of course the one with white hair.  Mickey isn't furry no more, Mom took her to get shaved down today.  I think Mickey appriciates it lots in the heat. Dad is driving Grampa and her back to WV today. Oh, and I scared some of Dad's family it was so funny.  Shirley, Dale, n George were standing near the barn with Mom in my pasture talking.  I was grazing way out back.  Georges eyes googled and he asked "why is she running at us so fast", Dale n Shirley's eyes googled then too.  Mom didn't even look up, just listened for me getting closer,  then smiled, stepped out with her arm in the air and I stopped just like one of those reining horses.  They were all "wow, she's trained sooooo good", Mom chuckled and explained the trick was for her to step up with confidance and tell me with her body that stopping was a good idea.  She said they could've done the same thing, so long as their body didn't tell me  "ooooooh, I'm  very scared".

Margeaux gots a boo boo, Mom had appointment for Maizee to get more shots today (Maizee doesn't appreciate this at all) Mom noticed Margeaux had a boo boo yesterday so took her along to get looked at.  Margeaux is spending the night at the Vet cause whatever her argued with has big teeth!  Luckily her's had her rabies shots.  Still she needs stitches!  The Vet tech loved our Margeaux girl, even while having her wound prodded Margeaux was purring and cuddling.  The Vet told the tech she didn't need to hold tight with Margeaux to just pet her lots.  Mom commented that she hadn't realized barn cats would be so expensive.  The Vet said most aren't because most peoples don't take their barn cats to the Vet which makes em cheap to take care off.  Mom is "OH"!  hee hee

Awwww, Margeaux loves her Maizee girl.  Mom put them both in the same carrier for the Vet, Maizee was stressed so Margeax let her nurse while they waited in the lobby for their turn.  Maizee ways 4 1/2 lbs, Margeaux weighs 8 lb so that was quite a sight!
Side note for peoples believing Walmart ad that their flea stuff PETARMOR is just as good as FRONTLINE, it isn't!!!  Mom noticed poor Maizee getting fleas bad last week just two weeks after putting the stuff on!  Her is back to using the good stuff now!


  1. Yeah, my barn owner does nothing with her cats! It drives my crazy! I am glad yours are loved so much! Stay cool all of you!!

  2. It is soo hot and miserable out! Good thing you have a fan. Shy has one too, but I never see her stand in front of it. . .guess she prefers to be hot? I am predicting today will hold a hosing off for her. Try to stay cool!

  3. Too hot? Send some my way please. I am going to need a snorkel and grow webbed hooves if it doesn't stop raining soon. According to the BBC (fountain of all things weather) we have had a months worth of rain in 2 days.

  4. I'm thinking I'll be hosed off today too. And I'm glad Mom takes care of my pets too. She's always saying she works for us animals, today proves it hee hee. Sounds like your getting the summer we had last year Zoe. Polar opposite of this summer.