Monday, August 20, 2012

Carriage Classes...

Camryn here:
I know how to do this, but Mom don't.  Soooooo, we have no plans for me to pull any wagons, carriages, sleighs, non of that.  Mom wouldn't mind putting Dad in a little sled while her rides and pulling him about like ski-jouring kinda stuff though.  Sounds fun, I could go really fast and WHAM Dad goes flying!  I can picture that.
Mom loved the carriages and the peoples clothes, they really looked like they were back in the day when traveling by carriage was the norm...
If you biggify you'll see a little terrier dog riding next to the driver.  He was just adorable and seemed to enjoy himself lots

So many differant carriages, Mom liked the two wheelers best.  This guy looks soooo serious

This lady and her Haflinger just looked beautiful together. 

OK, I got some serious mane envy here.  Wonder how/why I got shorted in the mane department (literaly).  Mom has pix of my family and I'm the only one that has Kramer hair!  Just not fair I tell ya!

Lined up for judging.  The judge had this HUGE red hat on.  Mom commented that I'd probably be reaching over to take it off her head for a taste.  Yup, I would've!
There were a total of 10 entered in the class, they judged them 5 at a time then brought them back in for the awards.  Mom had no idea there were so many differant vareties of carts/carriages.  They like the horses were all beautiful.
Tommorrow Mom says we'll post some pix of some head shots of the Haflingers.


  1. You look just fine Camryn! (and the dog too!) I bet you win!

    1. Oh, I'm not even at the show. Mom went without me, which is the way I prefer for sure. So getting to stay home with my dog makes me a winner :)

  2. I am so envious of the manes, the driving, the haflingers, everything! I just love it all!

    1. Yeah, Mom loved it all too. Her was surprised at the small number of entries though. At a specialty breed show in dogs, there be like a hundred or more! Oh, and Onyx won Best Of Breed at one of those :)

  3. So very cool. Thanks for sharing the pictures! Camryn, you'll have to show your mom how to do this!

  4. Did you know I know how to pull a cart? Can't imagine human wearing a fancy hat like that lady in photo #3.
    Haffies look good under harness. See us little tanks can turn our hoof to anything. The original all terrain mode of transport.