Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Haflinger head pix...

Camryn here:
Almost forgot about posting the Haflinger head shot pictures Mom took.  Oops!!!

Mom wasn't really this up close and personal while these guys were in the ring.  She was using her zoom.  The third down has my head type.  Mom figures they use chalk to make their blazes so whitey white.  That's what they use at the dog shows, plus purply shampoo.  Makes me glad I'm a homebody, I'd sneeze at chalking my nose I'm sure!  Ahhhhhhh they are soooo beautiful aren't they.  Just like me :)


  1. They are so beautiful! I have also heard that people use baby powder on the white parts. I keep saying it, but I am jealous of those forelocks! So pretty!
    Thanks for giving me my daily Haflinger fix :)

  2. Not as beautiful as you, you are prettier than they are although that middle pic is very pretty. Still you have the edge I think.

  3. Awwww thanx guys I appreciate that :) One nice thing about being a Haflinger is your butt can never be to big HA

  4. Hmmm.... gee, it's too late for me to find out how to make Pippin's and Doc's blazes white. They always got so yellow - uh - green - down near their noses!
    I just love haffies.... I don't know that I could like any horse as much!

    1. LOL, I'm sure like Camryn they preferred they're yellowish blazes rather than chalk dusted on their faces!!!