Sunday, August 19, 2012

Haflinger Show...

Camryn here:
The Central Ohio Haflinger Show was this weekend.  Mom and Danette went, I got to stay home and eat.  I like shows like that!  Mom really enjoyed it lots, specially seeing all the beautiful Haflingers all dressed up.  Even though her liked going, she says I don't have to worry about participating myself.  After 10 years of showing dogs, she's had her fill of "hurry up and wait".  She only stayed for a few hours, woulda stayed all day to watch all the classes and fun stuff planned for after, but of course she had to get home to tell me aallll about it. She did manage to take lots of pictures. 
She loved the kids showing their Haflingers, and wished she could ride half as good as those girls did.  We're only posting kids pix where the faces are unrecognizable as Mom feels you should not post kids faces without their parents permission.
The last one is kinda built like me I think.  Which of course makes it the best of the three!  JMHO

Mom was kinda partial to this one as it's head is quite similar to mine.

What a pretty and thoughtful expression

This one was a real cutie patootie

K, Mom got some serious mane envy from this one.  She LOVES it's head and markings big time
All the kids Haflingers behaved just wonderfuly for their mounts.  Mom says as far as she's concerned all deserve blue ribbons.
We is hoping to turn some into paintings this winter, when Mom doesn't have the gardens keeping her so busy. Wouldn't that be cool.  Mom also chatted with a bunch of peoples and of course as we already know, Haflinger peoples are just as nice as their horses.
Tomorrow I'll ask Mom to help me put up some carriage competion pix...


  1. I can't wait to see the carriages! The last horse has a beautiful head and neck. Wowser! And just look at those soft eyes!

    1. Yeah, I fell for him big time. And he was so good for his young mount. They all were.

  2. I like the straight on photo with the star. So pretty! But I do have forelock envy from the last horse. I would have loved to have been at the show!

    1. Yes, I like that pic a lot too. Camryn's tail is actually nicer than many there. All though had much more mane/forelock than her. I keep consoling myself that thick and bushy is much easier to maintain :)

  3. Lovely pics. In England a blue ribbon is 2nd place! Red is 1st. Haffies are among humans favourite breeds.

    1. Lucky for me we're Moms fav breed too :) Mmmmm, now you mention it, Mom isn't sure that blue is best in horseshowdom. In Dog Shows blue means you won your class.