Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grandpup sleep over...

This past weekend both Adam and Chris had to be out of town.  This meant that Emily (Mom's grandpup) would be home alone.  They'd arranged for Mom to come take care of her in the evening and a friend in the morning. 
(Sidenote: Chris and his girlfriend broked up and she took her Pit Remington with her)
Mom didn't like that Emily would be home all alone all night now that her was an only dog. So being that our dogs and her gets along, Emily got to sleep over with our gang.

As you can tell Emily fit right in, aside from the fact that her legs are much, much, much longer!!!  Even Margeaux liked her lots.  I however didn't get to hang with Emily, as last time I hung my nose over the fence to say "Hi Emily" she jumped up and tried to grab hold of my nose!!!  So Mom nixes any thoughts of Emily and Me hanging.  Mom can envision Emily literally "hanging off my nose"!!! Emily is used to sleeping with Chris, Mom n Dad don't however apprciate that.  It only took three times for Emily to realize the couch is fine, the bed off limits!!!


  1. I love Emily's little flop over ears! She is a cutie! Glad everyone had a nice time :)
    And yet, be careful Camryn, an Emily hanging off of your nose would not be a good look for you!!

    1. But, at least we're similar colors. I could pretend she was a nose ring

  2. Dixie likes sleepovers too! Her BFF Cami is an Australian cattle dog and she sleeps over once a week now but Dixie doesn't share her space on the bed! Dixie loves Ivy's Cardi!