Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grandfoal doin better...

Camryn here:
Grandfoal Lincoln still sub par but, be feeling much better.  Some kinda virus knocked him for a loop.  He either coudn't keep his food down (Mom wore lots of this), or it came out the other end to fast, he was kinda colicky too.  The timeing was bad, they knew he wasn't quite himself but...
With Adam n Ashley arrival for a visit from Alaska which of course meant a partee, by the time he got real bad Grandfoal was at our horse, and the party aka pig roast was in full swing.  Being drinks was involved, his Mum and Dad weren't in driving condition.   Lucky that Lincoln was at our house & Mom knows the ins n outs of sick babyees.  So he was well taken care off, and Mom kept him hydrated best she could till morning.  Some kind of virus, while he was on the verge of needing hydrated the Docs felt safe to just give him anti nausea stuff and monitor after a bottle to make sure he kept it in his tummy.  So he didn't need to stay there or anything.  While he's not 100% he was well enough to help Mom n my trimmer do my feets this morning.  Wel,l he didn't help just supervised with a running line of baby chatter.  The neighbors also comed home and presented Lincoln with a Yogi Bear present to thank Mom for wrangling the Donks.  The Donks who now adore Mom, stead of running as she passses thier field with my wheelbarrow of compost, they now walk single file on their side of the fence following along.  To funny!
Mom included some Grandfoal pix from the day he had his first ride upon the trustiest steed in the land "ME"...

Lincoln discussing plans for the day with his Daddy...

Lincoln: K, now Dad you're gonna give me a head start right?
Dad: "you got it lil buddy"

Lincoln wins!!!  Oh, he tooked his first steps two days later to boot!!!  I take credit as he had the confidence to try just days after our ride!

Every body taking bout what a specail day it was after Lincoln's ride. 
Lincon is hoping for another ride next week.  Someday he'll be big and balanced enough to not ned sidewalkers. Otherwised he'd be riding me nearly every day!


  1. Glad he is feeling a bit better! It is so scary when they are in the hospital.

  2. Poor Lincoln thank goodness he is feeling a bit better. Scary when wee ones are not well. xx