Thursday, July 24, 2014

What the...

Camryn here:
So Mom n Me be out putzin round my field as usual. It's not to hot for once and real nice breeze too. Cause of the breeze the flies didn't bother us, we was both enjoying ourselves. Coarse Mom hadn't asked for a trot yet either HA!
We notice two neighbors couple fields over pulling a wagon along their far fence line. No biggy, we just watch for a few and continue on. We notice them coming closer. Then suddenly they disappear!  We both are confused. Then I see em, they be hiding behind a tree now just one field over watching.  I of course am concerned about this and feel the need to watch them closely. Mom is like WTF.      
     These peoples had four horses last year, they all disappeared over winter with only two of them coming back in May. Now those horses are gone again. Anyway my point is they know horses, which is why Mom is WTF. Why play all hides seek watching?  They know I can see them and would worry bout it right?  Why don't they just wave n yell Hello the way normal people do?


  1. You're looking pretty fab Camryn. Creepy humans though. xx

  2. I used to run into folks like that on the trails. The kind that would hide in the scrub oak with their dog s so as not to scare the horses. Yikes! I would always tell them to please talk to us. I explained the need for the horse to know what they were. I hope a few people are a bit smarter about it now!