Thursday, July 10, 2014

Long time no post...

Camryn here:
SIGH been absent of late.  All is well excepting shortly after our last post, our Promise headed over the rainbow bridge.  We don't know what/how it happened, that night she was fine, in the morning her rear end wasn't working SIGH.  Of course it was off to the Vet, Mom was waiting in the parking lot when they arrived at the clinic.  Mom n Vet staff tried what they could to give her time to hopefully recuperate.  Vet did not recommend surgery, said it was pretty brutal and he'd not subject his own dog to it.  He felt Promise was in pain, after thinking and talking lots, it was decided to let Promise go run over the bridge.  Still I hear Mom calling Promise to come in with Ivy & Theo from the yard.  SIGH, so that the main reason we've been quiet.

R.I.P dear CH Pecan Valley EvryStarEvryStipe aka Promise
If you recall Promise name is cause she was a gift from Chris to Mom while he served his first tour in Iraq.  He promised Mom to come home safe, hence the name Promise. 

Ok, good stuff as I grab a tissue.  As you can see from my new header Grandfoal Lincoln is just GRAND.  Yup, I just had the honor of being his mighty steed for his firstest ride ever.  Oh, what fun I gave him.  Bummer, though that Dad didn't grab his glasses so most pix he tooked was of the sky!!!  Guess it's a good thing it won't be his lastest ride right!!!  Mom got him his very own helmet and he's been practicing wearing it.  It fits his noggin but, the straps be long for him.  Mom figures since he'll have side walkers that the strap part doesn't matter much, just the fact that he's starting a good habit like wearing a helmet from the get go is what matters.  Funny though, while he had a helmet he was bare footed, since I am too we matched.  Lincoln is such a chubster he's got no ankles so proper boots will have to wait.  And guess what two days after his ride, he walked all by himself for the first time.  I imagine his rid helped lots with that ;) 
Mom's laughing cause Lincoln had my over/under and was flinging it round.  That's Sam Lincoln's Momma standing back for the picture, you can see Chris feets on the other side.  The hand with the iphone is Lincoln's Oma taking video.  She lives long ways from here and never gets to see any of Lincoln's firsts.  So, I held off giving him is first ride so that his Oma n Opa could be a part of what I consider the biggest first in any foals life.
So, I'll try not to be so tardy with posts.  Don't expect a whole lot right away though.  Mom's youngest Adam and his honey are flying in from Alaska tonight for a visit.  Gonna be happily busy.


  1. So sorry to rad about promise! Hugs to you!
    But love that Camryn was so amazing with Lincoln :) And love the early start with safety!
    Have fun with your family, look forward to reading from you soon.

  2. So pleased you are ok, what a sad thing about promise yet again lucky Promise has humans who put his needs before their own even though it hurts them to do so.
    How lovely taking Lincoln on a wee plod. I've not had that pleasure with Lola. She STILL can't walk on her own, her dad was 19 months before he started to walk so maybe it's genetic.
    I've been wondering how you getting on. You might have seen I've been grounded to my room for ever so have lots of time on my hooves with nothing to do. xx