Sunday, July 13, 2014

Long Ear visitors...

Camryn here: 
     Bit of excitement this morning. Mom was letting the dogs in from the yard and noticed I had some company. Dexter, Ruby along with they're young son Diezel came to visit. While we had a lovely chat over my fence, Mom was ruining it all by calling the neighbor. 
They're off camping and their teenage son was takin care of the critters. 
     He's not much of a gate closer apparently!  
    Mom grabbed some feed in a can and headed out. When they saw her coming they headed off to the other side. Did I mention that their Donks aren't particularly friendly?  Dexter just recently gelded (another story) is a mean S.O.B.  Little Diezel who is friendly wanted to come see Mom real bad.  His Momma kept blocking him from running to her though. Mom did some natural horsemen approach/retreat, added some shake the can of feed stuff. They slowly began following her bit by bit. Once close to the gate Mom thought to check if their hay room door was unlocked. Jackpot, it was.  She grabbed a flake and let them watch her lay it out and sprinkle feed about. In they went. Ruby and lil Diezel even came up for ear rubs to thank her too.
     The teenage non gate closer drove in moments later, he thanked Mom for keeping him from getting killed!  He couldn't believe Mom got them all in so quick. Guess it takes them hours and Mom had it done in less than 20 minutes. 
You can't see Diezel here Ruby is blocking h from coming to Mom. Dexter is shaking his head and snaking his neck out warning Mom. 
Glad we had something cool to post about. Oh, and neighbor said she's gonna buy Mom the biggest Yogi bear that Jellystone has. Lincoln is soooo going to love that. He's sick and at the horespital right now. Gonna be OK and yet another story. 

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  1. Oh no snuffles for Lincoln, hope it's nothing serious. Horsepital is not a good place for grandfoals to be. xxx