Saturday, August 23, 2014


Camryn here:
My house has a nice big upstairs. Perfect for lots of yummy hay. Only access though is a staircase. Not so perfect for fillin with yummy hay. We've been keeping my yummy hay just outside my stall. Great for my making sure I always got enough. But, it means I only gots about 20 bales at a time. 
So, my dear Dad is hard at work...

He'll probably have it all done tomorrow, then he'll put a trap door in too. That way when I'm running low downstairs, Mom can just drop yummy hay down. For a non-horse Dad I must say he's a first rate guy. 
While Dad was hard at work, mom was slacking. She was at ice cream social hanging with Grandfoal. 
His Mom was munching this peach. But, not for long. Lincoln stole it!


  1. Clever Dad, these human Stallion types are pretty good aren't they? Love the Grandfoal photo, but where is his mane? Has he been hogged?

    1. Yup, both our human stallions know how to keep their mares happy. I know poor Grandfoal is still a baldy. Mom says all the better for kissing his sweet noggin

    2. YMF didn't have any mane until she was 2yrs old. How rubbish is that? The Stallion doesn't have any mane when he and human got together he had a mane any Dales would be proud of, but then human had a waistline in those days too. xx

  2. Ha, your a hoot. My Dad still gots a no waistline left to speak of either