Friday, August 22, 2014

Now Theo...

Camryn here,
Theo thought since we'd gotten so behind on blogging for a while that maybe I should talk bout him. SIGH, I suppose I can. 
Theo is doing really good and is super happy here. Cept on Moms workdays anyhow.  He's got separation  issues, just ask the partially eaten love seat. So on workdays he's now in Hims crate. Which he hates too, but he and the house are much safer that way
Mom took him to school, he graduated beginner and advanced Obediance. He's way smart, knows some tricks now, he spins, crawls, talks both loud and whispers. He loves playin fetch, specially my jolly ball. He and Ivy are good friends AND the cats too!!!  Yup took three months of work, he now likes them and for the most part visa versa. He's great with Little Man Lincoln too. He can't wait for Lincoln to play fetch with him. 

Theo "mmmm tastes like chicken"

Theo: "loves my hedgie"

Theo: Me n my purr friends"

Theo: "Don't know who's more confused here. I mean does the kid really think he's a dog?"

Theo: we all be waiting for our Vet to come thru the door together. 

Theo: "I'm a truck dog too. I love going to the feed store with Mom"
So you can see Theo is part of the family for sure. Oh, while we do like each other, Mom keeps him on a lead in my area. Fine with me. 


  1. That's one happy looking dawg. Lucky Theo fell on his paws there didn't he.

    1. Yeah he seems to know it too. Playing his fav game of fetch with Dad right now