Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Littles next door...

Camryn here:
Haven't talked bout the Littles next door in a while. They still love me, nearly daily the come to my fence with something tasty. Carrots, apples, mints, horse treats. Even the smallest Little is in on the action. He just turned two and only knows a few words. Guess what one of those words is. It's his version of my name, Cammy. So sweet.  
Yesterday both my Mom And their Mom both had time for me to give the Littles a ride. Girl Little been taken lessons so didn't need lead, Mom had to walk with us though cause she's Little for a 9 year old. It was easy for me to ignore her and walk back to the barn. Then it was 4 yr old Littles turn. He had his cowboy hat on and had big plans oh galloping like in the movies.   Mom foiled both the hat an the galloping thinking though. 
When Little cowboy is ready to ride, he gets scared and doesn't want to at all.  He does get on but, very worried bout it all. I stood way still for him while Mom assures him that if all he wants is for me to just stay still that's what we'll do. So we did just that for long time.  The wee Little just stood and watched with his Dad. Little Cowboy wanted to try again with his Mom do we tried that. He was still to worried  bout me moving so we just stood still again. We don't mind, may take a few times till he feels safe, then I'll take it easy an walks way slow.  
Girl Little is holding my lead, petting me while Mom Little holds Cowboy Little in the saddle. Hoping we can try again in couple days. 


  1. How cute! What a good horse you are, Camryn, to give rides to the littles!

    1. It's easy to be nice to them. More treats

  2. Hehe love the story about cowboy little. Humans boy human foal when he was a foal went pony trekking with his school. He was into cowboy stories and had images of galloping on a black stallion across the plains. What they brought out for him was an old skinny nag called Frosty Dewdrop who barely wanted to put one hoof in front of the other. Not quite what he had in mind.
    Looking good Camryn keep up the good work teaching the next generation. xx

    1. Yeah Little Cowboy also had plans to kick me for the gallop. To many movies I guess. Mom told him you never kick a friend. AND one kick and he was done.