Tuesday, August 12, 2014

No sleeping in allowed...

Camryn here:
This morning Mom didn't have Lincoln AND she didn't have to go to work. This means her alarm wasn't set. You'd think all this time of getting up early would mean she could get up early on her own. Sadly, that didn't happen this morning. While it's not like she sleeps till noon, 7:30ish is late by my clock. 
While Mom was brushing her teeth the phone dinged with this picture of us. The Bray-bor human took it with her phone and texted it to Mom while feeding the Donks.  Thank You Bray-bor human for alerting Mom to our dire situation.


  1. wow that was lucky the Bray=bor human took notice of your plight wonder how long you would have been there otherwise. It's a lovely photo of you both though.
    Human has both of my Grandfoals on Fri to look after. I'm hoping she brings them to visit me.

  2. I love this picture! It tells a story of a thousand words. Well, maybe only three: We are hungry!
    I am trying to do this as a charcoal sketch, and maybe even a pastel. It is just so beautiful. If I get a decent one, I'll send it to you!

    1. Thank everyone for your comments. Look forward to seeing how your sketch turns out. I plan in painting it over winter. Just never have time when it's not freezing out lol