Friday, November 18, 2016

Get in line...

Last weekend Hubby lowered the buckets I keep of loose minerals and salts. The boyz of course couldn't reach where they'd been for full sized horses. I couldn't just leave them on the ground, they'd have just knocked them about creating a huge mess and lots of waste. 

Right after he'd finished and I'd filled them the boyz came wandering in to investigate...
Pippin dug right in to the minerals...

Merlin had to wait (luckily patiently) for his turn...

He dug right into the minerals as well!

They ate more in one afternoon than either mare did the entire time they'd had access!   Actually the mares really never bothered with the minerals at all, and rarely the salt.  The boyz are also hitting the salt, though the mineral bucket is nearly empty after just a week!
My trimmer had recommended feeding Redmond brand loose rather than the blocks. 


  1. How do you resist climbing on top of them and wrapping your arms around their sides? They're so squishy! (That's my word for huggable.) Or maybe you DO do that?

    1. LOL, Pippin is vey huggable. Merlin prefers chin scritches.