Saturday, November 19, 2016

Upcoming Vet?

Wonder if we have a future Veterinarian in the making here...

Lincoln shows Ivy he's wearing goggles too.

She's back to being Ivy again. Sitting up like a meerkat, laying in frog dog position, running thru the yard. She'll be on anti inflammatory, pain meds as needed, she's in the process of being weaned off the prednisone. I'm sure hoping she's mended, way to hard watching her hurt

The Vet staff is beyond wonderful with Lincoln, the Techs all know & love him. As he proudly walks Ivy back to the procedure room, he's greeted by everyone he passes. 
The Tech doing Ivy's treatment had a trainee along this last time, as she informed her about Ivy's procedure she pointed out that Lincoln's friend would be treated afterward...
Lincoln's very concentrated on taking care of Sonic...

Making sure the readings look good? Like I said the staff is just amazing. Sonic felt much better after I was told!

Lincoln just gravitates to all animals & visa versa...
Maizee the white/black cat only allows Lincoln & myself to touch her. She normally hides whenever another human besides hubby & our trimmer is in her barn. Lincoln has no idea what a compliment her hug is ❤️


  1. How useful. Need to encourage those vet desires.

    1. He really wants to be a fireman like his Daddy.