Friday, November 4, 2016

Settling in...

The boys appear to be settling in together. Hope I'm not jinxing myself here, no fights over my attention for four days!  
Oddly enough the fighting stopped "after" I began offering a cookie for coming into the paddock! With winter coming & upcoming time change, I'd decided I need them to come in when I call. Ecspecially as Merlin is invisible in the dark. Going out to get them would soon be difficult at best.

Merlin has the "got cookie" look down pat. I have a feeling he's had plenty of practice. He's not above pestering...

Pippin still needs work on his "look", he's happy to get what he gets and walks away quietly munching. 
For the most part it appears Merlin is the boss of the pasture. At dinner however, Pippin who is a faster eater, will move in to take Merlins. I watch over dinner with my little crop. I've only used it once, he still peeks up to see if I'm paying attention LOL. 
I'm not normally a blue eye fan. But, Pippin is such a sweetie it's grown on me. It isn't all blue it's bi-colored and gives it a softer look. 


  1. They are so adorable. I'm glad that you are working out the dynamics.

    1. So am I. I've never dealt with multiples before this. So it's been new to me.