Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's official...

SIGH, Grace has been sold its official, I have her bridle hanging on the back of the dining room chair. Trainer found her a good home. She's at a former students barn where she'll be worked and ridden as she needs.
Yes I'm sad, we had such promise at the beginning. She truly isn't a mare who can just sit, then be ridden on weekends. Jefferson is 9 months old, while I don't wish him to grow up quickly. I most likely won't be having a riding horse again till he's 5!  Jeez, that's a long time, I'll be 64!
I'm loving the boyz, I wouldn't be riding thru winter anyway, come spring I'll restart lessons if only for the trail rides. I'm not sorry for the experience, she's healthy now and will be happy. I sure hope Camryn is as well. I regret being duped more for her sake than my own.

These two are enjoying life, just watching them makes us laugh. 

It's been a rough day for Lincoln. As I waited to pick him up in the truck at preschool, the all the kids were on the playground. I so enjoy watching them run and play like puppies. Lincoln was climbing into a playhouse via the window. His little bum & feet sticking out, the rest in. I was just thinking "don't fall forward", when another boy came up behind him and "SHOVED!"  My heart just jumped into my throat. Lincoln is OK, thankfully a scrape & bump on the noggin. I spoke to the teacher who was with Lincoln within seconds of the incident, a meeting with the school in the morning. Not the kids first bullying but, the most violent.


  1. It was a tough decision and I think you did well by Grace. Poor Lincoln- I Hope that he's okay.

    1. Thank you, Lincoln is OK. The school says the boys home life is very sad. No Dad in his life, disconnected Mom. Polar opposite of Lincoln in life and personality. This child sorely needs the benefits of preschool & loving teachers. They've got one teacher always on the alert now for potential problems, without singling out the boy. Keeping the others safe, while he gets the direction & attention he needs.