Sunday, February 19, 2017

More sun, more pix...

Yet another beautiful day, feels more like April than February here in Ohio!  Not complaining, though there was a fly in the house this morning. Slow moving, so he's no longer among the living. I began spreading diatomaceous earth on my winter manure pile, I do notice a difference in bugs when I do this. Spending much more time outside and loving it. Hubs and I did a quick hike at a nearby trail this morning, I cleaned several weeks worth of canine land mines from the yard, tidied two of the raised veggie beds. Three I haven't touched yet are in need of desperate help, cleaned the stall and area the boyz like to back their bums off of the patio to leave deposits lol. 
Next I decided to play with the boyz, haven't done any click training with them till today. Started with Pippin just "loading" the clicker. That's click/treat, rinse/repeat multiple times till they realize the click means treat. So far no light bulb moment with Pippin there, but he sure enjoyed it. 
Next up Merlin, he's less enthralled with novel ideas, I'd hoped watching Pippin he'd realize something good would happen. He didn't, as his lips took the treat, I clicked, Merlin had a heart attack!  He took off to several feet away, I simply went back to Pippin. After several click/treats with Pippin munching happily & Merlin watching suspiciously, I went to try again. No way was Merlin letting me near him!  He normally loves attention, so I knew I'd need to undo his freak out!

I just wondered about watching, kicking poop piles & taking cell pix...
I so love watching them run in sync, guaranteed whenever I'm out with them. Merlin was keeping Pippin between us!

Also guaranteed are spats, look closely and you'll see Pippin fur in Merlins mouth!  Pippin is shedding, so this doesn't mean a chunk of hide is missing. He's still suspicious. 

Pippin: "Help, He's picking on me!"

Pippin: "Aren't you gonna do something?  Never mind, got cookies?"

Still Merlin was wanting nothing to do with me. I finally got him to take a few treats by standing outside the paddock & offering them thru the fence. Once he realized the killer click sound was no longer a threat, he allowed me to rub his forehead. Then I left well enough alone. Going to have him haltered & have some high value peppermints for him next time. Hopefully this will help him adapt to the sound?  

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