Saturday, February 11, 2017

No appreciation...

Break in the weather again, from negatives to 50 degrees. Just crazy!  Perfect timing though as Merlins tail braid had come undone today & I didn't have to freeze my fingers off to redo it. 
Caught, haltered & tied them both, as you know the little darlings (cough, cough) so love when the other is getting attention (cough, cough.). They were both tied at their respective hay nets so Pippins patience wasn't to overworked. 
Merlin was a perfect gentleman, brushed out, mane combed and conditioned, tail combed, conditioned, and rebraided. It had grown so much it literally dragged on the ground. Sorry no pictures. 
Next up Pippin, not such a gentleman but, he's beginning to shed and once he realized I was scratching his itchy spots he relaxed. Did his mane as well, his tail braid is holding in there. I was going to undo and tidy it up but, his brat-O-meter kicked in. Being in a small space with Merlin tied nearby, I decided to let it go rather it turn into a three way brawl. 
As soon as they were untied, dear Pippin looked at me and rolled!!!  Brat!