Thursday, April 27, 2017

Can't wait...

I custom ordered a few things for the Mini's from a place called "Knot Just Rope" (disclaimer: I'm in no way being compensated). They do have a FB page & website. I'd been looking for a grab strap for the front of Lincoln's English saddle & rope halters when I came across them on FB. 
They were offering a free shipping deal & the prices are very reasonable & sizes for Mini's too, I bit the bullet & ordered...
She just posted this pic of them all finished!  Shipping tomorrow!  I cannot wait!  They do all sizes, a huge variety of styles & colors. 

Both rope halters also have O rings, so Lincoln can hold his new reins while I lead, without torturing innocent mouths as he learns about not yanking!  Then the grab strap for the front of the saddle just in case there are any insecurities. Looks like the blues will match pretty well to the saddle too. So many colors to choose from, at least knowing I wanted to match the saddle narrowed it down a wee bit lol!  
Lincoln will be so excited!  Pippins is the multiethnic colored with nose knots for when he "expresses himself" doing groundwork!  

Oh, if you need an good chuckle:  preschool had a bee keeper come in to talk to the kids today. They'd been told all week that the "Bee Lady" was coming. I asked Lincoln how the "Bee Lady" visit went as I picked him up. He said with mild disappointment, "Gramma, she wasn't a bee at all!  She was just a normal person!"  OMG, out of the mouths of babes!  
He did enjoy her visit, after expressing his disappointment, regarding her being a mere human, he went on for some time about the visit. Not sure if his description of honey being "bee poop" was what he was actually told, or his interpretation?


  1. How funny! When I was in elementary school, we had a local bird man named Mr. Baldy. I was expecting him to be a bald eagle instead of a bald man carrying birds on his arms. I'm glad you got that headgear. Right after I praised my new bridle and reins, another blogger wrote about how her horse broke the same type of halter right off its head by pulling back.

    1. Just goes to show you how very literal children can be. Gotta love it. Yes, I saw that review as well. I still need buckle nose halters, Will simplify things with putting on/taking off halters with driving bridle. I may still go with two horse tack. Its the only bad one I've read.

  2. Perfectly sensible conclusion for Lincoln to come to. How disappointing for him.
    Love the colour of the new headgear. That's the colour I wanted for Bobs. The Grandfoal had other ideas. I've just ordered a made to measure bridle for Bobs. Exciting times.

    1. I can't wait to tell his teachers what he'd thought. He's a class fave with his huge imaginator. Make sure Bob's models his new tack.

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    1. Mini heads and little boys ❤️