Saturday, April 22, 2017

Making up...

Merlin & I are closer to making up after whatever faux pai id committed. Could've been the clicker, could be he grew concerned watching me work Pippin first, could be he worries that after caught, Pippin will harass him. Never mind he does the same when it's Pippin caught. I'm leaning strongly towards the clicker with the other reasons blending in
He still didn't wish to be caught, I had a plan however. I caught Pippin & lead him out to Merlin. Pippin in one hand, handy stick in the other we gently herded Merlin into the paddock again. Once I closed the gate with Pippin on the other side, we began. A few false starts where I needed to ask him to move away with more energy than he'd intended, he headed into the barn. Then stood quietly to be haltered. We just walked about quietly, I asked him to back a few times & disengage his rear. Then I just sat on the mounting block...
Rubbing, sitting, talking, did he just need some one on one Mommy time?
He's most definitely taught me a few things...No clicker being a big one. Work him prior to Pippin, who requires more energy, perhaps watching me work Pippin & that I most likely come to Merlin with leftover energy from working Pippins way?  Two with such different personalities, adapting to each will take practice. 
And I must be sure to regularly give Merlin no agenda time..
That's an easy one ❤️


  1. Lucky boy to have a human who tries to understand his special needs.

    1. Thanks, I've never had two before. I'm learning!